HANGKE optoelectronics is a world-leading technology company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of led filament bulbs and related components providing customers with large-scale, high-quality filament bulbs and LED luminaires ODM services. Our characteristic is vertically integrated manufacturing, covering all processes from filament packaging, driver SMT, stem shaping, glass blowing, and final assembling. The vertical industrial chain ensures strict quality process control, shorter lead time, and more cost-effective products.

We have established long-term and large-scale cooperation with world-leading retailers and giant lighting brands. We have 120 filament packaging production lines and 35 bulb production lines, the maximum filament production capacity is 50 million/month and bulb production capacity is 10 million/month. HANGKE applied for 100+ patents and obtained filament bulb patent and filament patent authorization. Our products conform to the standard of EU and NA and won the Muse Design Award, A' Design Award, IDEA Award, and other international design awards.

  • Started DIP LED package.
  • Started SMD LED mass production.

  • Started COB LED Mass production.
A Disruptive Innovation
  • Started filament R&D prepared 1st filament strip together with Zhejiang university.
  • TONGCHENG factory put into production; HKLED listed in stock market.

Inside Big Difference
  • Comprehensive Cooperation with world leading brand and bulb production capacity improved to 6KK/month.
  • Redefine the filament lighting the first one to utilize the filament led into lighting fixture.