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Company Profile
HANGKE Optoelectronics

HANGKE optoelectronics is a world-leading technology company specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of led filament bulbs and luminaires, providing customers with large-scale, high-quality lighting products and ODM services.  The vertical industrial chain makes the quality process control stricter, the production delivery faster, and the product more cost-effective.

HANGKE has established long-term and large-scale cooperation with world-leading retailers and giant lighting brands. We applied for 100+ patents, and our products conform to the standard of EU and NA and won the Muse Design Award, A' Design Award, IDEA Award, and other international design awards.

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HANGKE Key Technology

Over 10-year packaging experience ensures the best filament quality, our newest filament uses miniLED technology, in which the width of the filament is only 0.6mm by using flip-chip and flexible base film. Our filament is highly flexible and suitable for the thermal conductivity of the filament part.